The True Writer

Aix En Provence

I have something to confess. While my family and I sauntered across England, Wales, France and Dubai on an extremely over-indulged five-week adventure -- I didn't write a word. Not one single word. What's more, I didn't sink into an … [Read more...]

Writers and Superstitions

Black Cat

β€œThe general root of superstition : namely, that men observe when things hit, and not when they miss; and commit to memory the one, and forget and pass over the other.” ― Francis Bacon, The Collected Works of Sir Francis Bacon Nathan Bransford … [Read more...]

Guest Post by Writer’s Relief: Why Most Manuscripts Get Rejected


I feel privileged to have Writer's Relief as my guest today. With a wealth of experience helping writers get their work published, they are here to let us know the most common reasons manuscripts get rejected. I'll hand you straight over and let … [Read more...]

The Waiting Game

It's a nerve-racking time when you've cast your manuscript out to agents for scrutiny. You continue your normal life trying not to think about it, pretending it's not one of the most pivotal points in your career. But secretly, silently you're … [Read more...]

The Challenges of Writing for Children

This is Dwayne. A Cockatoo that befriended us during the holidays.

Last night I lay curled up with my nine-year-old daughter on her bed as we read my book together. It's a precious time of the day that we both look forward to. Yet it's not without it's complications. 'Mum, what's a lever?' she asked. The first of … [Read more...]

Writing Process Blog Hop

I was recently asked to take part in a Writing Process Blog Hop by Andrea Stephenson over on Harvesting Hecate. I find Andrea's blog a therapeutic reading experience, calm and spiritual, full of rich, earthy descriptions and stunning photographs of … [Read more...]

Self-Publishing The Second Time Around: Guest Post by Francis Guenette

Francis Guenette

I've always been curious about the self-publishing path. We craft our novels from the very first word to the complete product, so it's only natural to want to keep an element of control over the marketing and distribution process that follows. I … [Read more...]

Guest Post On The Write Life

Hi all, Just a quick note to let you know I'm guest posting on The Write Life today. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment! The Write Life: How The Ups And Downs Of Writing Can Improve Your Craft Happy Writing, Gemma Similar … [Read more...]

Compiling a Kick-Arse Query Letter…

How to write a Query Letter

Today I fished out the query letter I started over a year ago. And even though it wasn't quite as bad as the example below from Slush Pile Hell, I'm ashamed to say that (with about as much energy as a doctor's waiting room) it wasn't far off the … [Read more...]

5 (less obvious) Ways To Become A Better Writer

5 Tips To Improve Your Writing

I'm sure you've all heard the advice that if you want to become a better writer you have to read more and write more. And hopefully you're already doing that (after your day job, tucked into bed, your eyes wedged open with toothpicks). But … [Read more...]